Executive Policy
Premay Pipeline Hauling L.P.’s primary commitment is
to the Health and Safety of our employees, sub
contractors and visitors. It is the policy of this
Company to comply with all Federal and Provincial
Legislation applicable to our operation.
To achieve excellence in Safety Performance,
Management will provide and maintain a safe and
healthy work environment by providing the necessary
training and proper equipment for the job. The
Company will also strive to eliminate workplace
hazards that may result in property damage,
accidents, personal injury or illness.
Supervisors are responsible to ensure that the
employees use safe work practices, identify safety
needs and maintain all equipment to legislated safety
standards. Supervisors must ensure accident
prevention leads our work environment and make
certain of the active participation of everyone in our
safety program.
Employees, Sub Contractors and Visitors are
responsible and accountable to follow safe work
practices by obeying all safety rules. Adherence to
safe work practices and procedures on a daily basis
are required while working for Premay Pipeline
Hauling L.P.
Stewardship and protection of the environment is the
responsibility of all Employees, including Sub
Contractors and Visitors. Each individual will be held
responsible for their actions. Remember; your actions
at the work site and in the public arena directly reflect
upon the Company’s reputation in the communities in
which we work and the companies that we are
employed by.
Your active participation in the Health, Safety and
Environmental Program will enable everyone to share
in the benefits of a safe workplace.
Premay Pipeline Hauling L.P.
Paul Schultz
Senior Vice President Operations
April 2012