At Premay Pipeline Hauling our success is
founded in, and ultimately sustained by our commitment
to a basic set of values and by following proven business

Operational Excellence Providing customers with
high quality customer service is the key to any
successful organization. Premay Pipeline strives to
achieve a superior level of customer service by focusing
on the goal of attaining “excellence in everything we do”.
Integrity is a cornerstone of long-term success. It
serves as the foundation of our value system. Simply put:
“if we say it - we do it.”
People Focus People are the key to achieving our
goal of operational excellence. By investing in their
future, we create an environment where sustainable
success is possible. At Premay we believe “companies
do not provide customer service - people do”.
Safety Our commitment to safety is focused on two
areas; providing a safe and healthy work environment for
our people and striving to be a responsible user of the
public highway system.